Field work // Época de campo!

This year I am doing fieldwork around Nordland and Tromsø. I got to visit some of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. — Nesta época de campo estou por Nordland e Tromsø. Tive a sorte de visitar alguns dos locais mais bonitos que jamais havia visto!

Just google Lofoten, or Sommarøya, or Henningsær (check out Henningsær’s football field), or Svolvær, or Moskenes … — pesquisem no google por Lofoten, ou Sommarøya, ou Henningsær (então o campo de futebol … campo de Henningsær), ou Svolvær, ou Moskenes

I did an attempt to science-communicate my endeavours at Instagram: Here follow the links where I (briefly & very plainly) explain what I have been doing! — No processo, tentei fazer comunicação de ciência no instagram, vejam algumas das fotos!


Day 14 — Post 16 —

Day 13 — Post 15 —

Day 11 — Post 14 —

Day 9 — Post 13 —

Day 9 — Post 12 —

Day 8 — Post 11 —

Day 7 — Post 10 —

Day 6 — Post 9 —

Day 5 — Post 8 —

Day 4 — Post 7 —

Day 4 — Post 6 —

Day 3 — Post 5 —

Day 3 — Post 4 —

Day 2 — Post 3 —

Day 1 — Post 2 —

(presentation) — Post 1 —


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When I am asked what I do for living, I usually say I am a #marine #biologist. #People gaze at me, and wonder if I #study something exhiting such as #whales or #dolphins.. and they often get disapointed when I tell them I study #worms 🙂 Worms are interesting too! The species I am studying, Stygocapitella subterranea, lives inside the #sand. It is a very interesting species for two reasons: 1. Because it has a worldwide distribution.. Despite being ~2 milimeters long and not being able to move around so much. 2. It is an aberrant worm! It lost its #adultform … And it looks like a small, juvenile (#baby) worm during its entire #life. We think this is an adaptation to live in between sand grains … Where there is very little space available. Today we visited Svolvær and looked for specimens around this area. The photo is along the way. #phdlifeMN

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