About me

I was born and spent my youth at Guarda, a small town in the mountain range region of continental Portugal. Despite being distinctively passionate about nature, I never had many stimuli to pursue a scientific career. I was lucky to receive the influence of magnificent tutors and friends who encouraged and pushed me to study biology. Influenced by my grandfather’s stories, I applied to the historical Universidade de Coimbra. I studied Biology for three years, with an Erasmus stopover in Siena (Italy). During my bachelor I contributed to several laboratories and got inspired to follow an academic path. This led me to pursue a Master Degree in Ecology (which led me to do fieldwork in Algarrobo, Spain).

With all this packing and unpacking, I grew up as a citizen, as a scientist-in-training, and managed to befriend lots of kind people .. nonetheless, these experiences fuelled my resolution – that I would be a scientist and explore the natural world.

That’s as much as I call tell you. I began my PhD at the Natural History Museum in Oslo where I am embracing a new culture and new experience. Norway is a lovely country with lovely people and I love it here.

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