Posters & Oral Presentations

Conferences are ground to network and great ways to disseminate work and enthusiasm. Such a waste that posters and presentations are ephemeral. Here are some of my poster and oral contributions.

I am committed to open science. Please contact me if you would like any of the original files. I am happy to send you any of the .PPTx or .PDF or .AI files. Also, I acknowledge flaticon and their brilliant authors for the used icons.

Nr of Conferences attended: 20 (2011-present)


(Oral contribution 6) “Sequencing ghosts: how genomics is helping us understand biological diversity and solve the cryptic species problem”. ForBio conference Presentation here.

(Poster 8) “Cryptic speciation” – GRC/GRS Integrating Diversity in the Study of Speciation Poster here.


(Poster 7) “Dissecting a cryptic species complex: morphological and genomic data suggest micro-evolutionary stasis” XIV ENBE (Encontro Nacional de Biologia Evolutiva) – Lisboa Poster here.

(Oral contribution 5) “New tools for old problems: Population genomics and biogeographical inference in a (small) meiofaunal invertebrate”. III GIGA (Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance) Presentation here.

(Oral contribution 4) “Four ways to become cryptic” FORBIO Annual Meeting Tromsø (Norway) –  Full Powerpoint presentation here.


(Oral contribution 3) “Cryptic species at the crossroads of systematics, ecology, evolutionary biology and paleobiology” Young Systematics Forum in London (UK) Some results of my PhD  Full presentation in Powerpoint here.

(Poster 6) NORBIS – Norwegian Research School in Bioinformatics  Tromsø (Norway) – ‘Genomic Pipeline’ of my PhD – Best poster award!


(Poster 5) “Morphological stasis in Stygocapitella subterranea” Meeting of the European Society Of Evolutionary Biology in Groningen – Poster here.

(Invited Oral contribution 1) “Perhaps not so cosmopolitan. Biogeographical evidence, incidence of cryptic species, population connectivity and evidence of morphological stasis in the interstitial annelid Stygocapitella subterranea” Eu.BioSyst – Meeting of the Federation of European Biological Systematic Societies in Gotenburgh (Sweden); Some results from my PhD – Presentation here.

(Oral contribution 2) “The enigmatic case of morphological stasis in the marine annelid Stygocapitella subterranea: biogeographical and morphological evidence” Forbio meeting – The Norwegian Research School in Biosystematics in Trondheim (Bergen)  – Some results of my PhD – Full presentation in Powerpoint here

(Poster 4) Forbio meeting – The Norwegian Research School in Biosystematics in Bergen (Norway)  – Some results of my PhD. Poster here.


(Poster 3) “On the origins of Cryptic species – Insights from the Stygocapitella subterranea species complex”  Forbio meeting – The Norwegian Research School in Biosystematics in Trondheim (Norway)  – Introduction of my PhD – Best power award! Poster here.


(Oral contribution 1) My first Oral contribution!  – Some results from my MSc thesis – Full presentation in powerpoint here.



(Poster 3) “Love me, love me not – Pollinator preference in a hybrid zone between two generalist plant species” ENBE – Encontro Nacional de Biologia Evolutiva (Portuguese National Meeting for Evolutionary Biology)  – Some results from my MSc thesis. Poster here.


(Poster 2) “Does it compensate to show off? Pollinator selection on floral traits in a natural hybrid zone of two generalist plant species” Meeting of the European Society Of Evolutionary Biology in Lisbon – Some results from my MSc thesis. Poster here.

(Poster 1) “Ploidy level estimations in deciduous elepidote hybrids of Rhododendron”  XXXVI Jornadas Portuguesas de Genética (Portuguese Genetics Meeting); My first contribution ever and first scientific meeting. I was only an undergraduate student by then. Poster here.