In submission:

(1st author) Long-lasting morphological stasis in a cryptic species complex (submitted to Evolution)

In prep:

Species delineation

(1st author) Species delimintation in the ghost-worm cryptic species complex (Stygocapitella spp.) with implications for biogeography and morphological decceleration (submission – late 2019)

(1st author) Conservation genomics of the Spitsbergen stock of Bowhead whales (submission – late 2019)

2019 (7):

(non-peer reviewed online book chapter) Cryptic Species and Their Evolutionary Significance; Book chapter with my main advisor where we discuss the implications of cryptic species!

(leading author) Fitness benefits and costs of floral advertising traits: insights from rayed and rayless phenotypes of Anacyclus (Asteraceae); The result of my Master Thesis where we quantified fitness benefits and costs (pollinator attraction; seed fertility and fecundity) in two sister species varying in a floral trait.

2018 (5):

(leading author) Marine connectivity dynamics: clarifying cosmopolitan distributions of marine interstitial invertebrates and the meiofauna paradox; First publication of my PhD where we challenge the ‘cosmopolitan distributions’ of some marine invertebrates.

(non-peer reviewed reply; middle author) Cryptic Species – More Than Terminological Chaos: A Reply to Heethoff – Trends in Ecology and Evolution; This reply results from criticism to our framework to delimitate and find patterns in cryptic species.

(middle author) Finding Evolutionary Processes Hidden in Cryptic Species – Trends in Ecology and Evolution; This publication results from a discussion group initiated by my advisor, Torsten Hugo Struck.

2014 (2):

(middle author) The effects of achene type and germination time on plant performance in the heterocarpic Anacyclus clavatus (Asteraceae) – American Journal of Botany; this publication results from my undergraduate work at the University of Coimbra with João Loureiro and Rubén Torices

2013 (1):

(middle author) Genome size variation and polyploidy incidence in the alpine flora from Spain – Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid; This publication results from my undergraduate work at the University of Coimbra with João Loureiro and Rubén Torices.